Fully unlimited, and Free to get started

$49 / month
Real-time Live Blogging
Embed on Any Website
Unlimited Events/News/Pictures upload
Unlimited Page Views/Concurrent users
Comments, Vote and Q&A
Template Management
Unlimited Content Contributor
Theme Customization
Native Mobile App Coming soon Coming soon
Audio Recording 10 audio news for each event, up to 30s for each audio. Unlimited audio news, up to 60s for each audio.
Custom CSS Styling
Twitter Auto-posting
Twitter Monitoring Monitoring up to 5 Twitter Accounts at the same time
White Label Remove the "Powered by 24liveblog" label
Customize "Watermark"
Private level of access granted event
Advanced Performance Accelerated load time, enhance mobile experience by optimizing images and reducing the webpage size
Uptime Guaranteed Dedicated server resource. We guarantee a 99% uptime for live blogging availability.
Prioritized Support Email limited 24/7 dedicated email & ticket support