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Customized Look and Feel High-automatically incorporate and match your page or site’s design style without complicated CSS.

Monetization & Lead Capture Engage your audience with real-time moderated chat and native donation integration.

Real-time sport data The best real-time content platform for your live sports coverage. Provide all the major sport templates, game calendar, real time sport data and 30,000+ player avatars, including soccer, football, tennis, hockey, F1 etc.

Audio and Video recording Allows professional users to grow traffic by publishing and promoting audio or video content that drives audience engagement.

Interactive User Experience Diversify the ways you communicate with your audiences by using the recent released features such as “audio comments”, “vote” and “likes” the events or news to promote the best interactive user experience..

All-in-One Mobile App Add value to your live events by transforming real-time stories from social media channels to beautiful broadcast quality displays on-air, in seconds.

Diverse Customize Themes Deliver a user friendly product with a customized layout and multi-languages supported.