24liveblog is a simple, functional, powerful and FREE cloud-based liveblogging platform.
With a few quick steps, you can create a new experience for your readers. It works with any type of website.
High-reliability helps you handle the heavy traffic of concurrent users at the very same time.

Our Features

Customized Look and Feel High-automatically incorporate and match your page or site’s design style without complicated CSS.

Social Sharing Simply click to share or sync your real-time events or news to other social networks.

Mobile Ready Easy-to-use mobile friendly dashboard that allows professional users to publish texts, images, audios and short videos events in real-time from mobile phones to the Live Blog platform. Mobile App is coming soon.

Audio and Short Video Allows professional users to grow traffic by publishing and promoting audio or short video content that drives audience engagement.

Interactive User Experience Diversify the ways you communicate with your audiences by using the recent released features such as “audio comments”, “vote” and “likes” the events or news to promote the best interactive user experience..

Two-way Twitter Synchronization Flexible two-way options transform your events or sharing from our platform to twitter or from twitter to us.

Diverse Customize Themes Deliver a user friendly product with a customized layout and multi-languages supported.